More information on our committees and working groups is below:

Contact Information
Bargaining Committeegwc.bargaining@gmail.comBargaining dates, info sessions, and dept town halls to be announced
Organizing Committeecolumbiagradunion@gmail.comMeets weekly, Wednesday's 6-7:30pm
Communications Committeecolumbiagradunion@gmail.comEmail us to get involved
Organizing Training!columbiagradunion@gmail.comWe will be holding trainings throughout the semester
Health Care Working GroupBonnie Rogers, Mandi Spishak-Thomas, Claire Palandri, Helen Zhao ( biweekly, Monday, 9am @ Nous Cafe in Philosophy Hall (next meeting Feb 25)
International Student
Working Group
Late Pay Working GroupKi Young Kim ( meeting, 6th floor IAB Cafe, Friday February 22, 12-1pm
Process Working Group
Research Assistant Working GroupColleen Baublitz and Noura Farra (, biweekly, Thursday, 6pm @ Nous Cafe in Philosophy Hall
Sexual Harassment Working GroupNiyati Shenoy and Rebecca Glade (,
Solidarity Working GroupIsobel Plowright (, gwc.solidarity@gmail.comInfo about working group structure.
Undergraduate Working GroupHelen Zhao (
Bylaws Working, jaredsacks@gmail.comMeets Wednesdays, 5pm @ Nous