Tania Bhattacharyya
PhD Candidate
Research and Teaching Assistant


Ian Bradley-Perrin
Sociomedical Sciences
PhD Student
Research and Teaching Assistant


Olga Brudastova is an MS/PhD student in Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics, who has served as a Fellow, an RA and a TA. Her involvement with the campaign started in Spring 2014, and ever since then she has been an organizer, a spokesperson, and now a member of the Bargaining Committee. She is very proud to represent her colleagues at the bargaining table, especially as an international student and a woman worker in STEM. 

Noura Farra is a fifth-year PhD student in the Computer Science department, where she is a RA and studies language processing. She is an international student and also a member of the GWC-International Student Working Group. She continues to be committed to a strong union contract which recognizes and guarantees our rights as academic workers.

Trevor Hull is a 3rd year graduate worker in the Chemistry department. As a STEM Research assistant he was excited to see the union active in calling for more scientific funding, and imagined how it could improve his health (both mental and physical), and safety in lab. He was first motivated to get involved in the Union after seeing the administrations blatant attempts to prevent graduate workers from gaining more power for themselves, he can’t wait to get a strong first contract for all graduate workers! 

Kate Jackson is a 5th year Ph.D. candidate in the political science department, writing a dissertation on corporate political rights and working as both a research and teaching assistant. She hopes to use her background in corporate and commercial law to frame a powerful contract on behalf of Columbia’s dedicated and valuable student workers.

Rosalie Ray is a second-year PhD student in the Urban Planning program in GSAPP. She has worked as both a TA and RA. She got involved in the union after seeing how little influence graduate workers had on campus compared to her experience as a master’s student and graduate worker at UCLA, home of UAW Local 2865.

Justin Steinfeld is a 5th year MD/PhD candidate in the Integrated Program at Columbia. Due to concerns of health hazards in his workplace, he became involved in GWC last year while trying to convince CUMC to make meaningful renovations to the William Black Building. After learning of countless stories of other unaddressed grievances from graduate students around the University, he realized that only a union contract would create change and became a part of the bargaining committee to address all the concerns of the his colleagues.

Takaya Uchida is a PhD student majoring in Physical Oceanography. He would like to make the Columbia campus a fair and just workplace. By improving our working conditions, he believes it will also make Columbia a more academically competitive and vibrant community by helping bring in more bright-minded academics.

Angela Woodall is a Ph.D. student in the Communications Studies program at Columbia’s School of Journalism. As a graduate worker, educator and journalist, she has been involved in union efforts for a decade as a way to make sure that workers not only have a union to back them but also have a say in decisions that affect their interests.

Questions, concerns, or thoughts? Contact the bargaining committee at gwc.bargaining@gmail.com

Read more about our initial bargaining goals, developed from the input of over 2,500 graduate student workers and ratified by a 91% vote, here. If you have not filled out a bargaining survey yet, please fill out here.

Full initial bargaining goals here | Highlights of the goals here.

Latest updates from the bargaining committee

Bargaining Committee’s Statement to Region 9A Director

Many of you have expressed your concerns with the process that brought to us the Framework Agreement between the UAW and Columbia University. The bargaining committee shares those concerns about the lack of transparency in that undemocratic process and is

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Vote Results on the Bargaining Framework Proposal

The final vote count is 1,035 – 720 in favor of accepting the Framework Agreement Between the UAW and Columbia University proposed by the University. We want to thank and applaud our unit for the phenomenal organizing surrounding the Framework,

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Breaking News: Columbia proposes a framework to bargain

We would like to share with you that, as a result of hard work, including our current preparations for a possible strike, Columbia University at 12:30 PM today has offered to bargain with GWC and the Columbia Postdoctoral Workers subject

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Strike Deadline, Nov 30

During our strike in April, over 1,500 graduate workers withdrew their labor and marched on the picket lines, and when the strike ended, we knew what our next steps would be. We continued organizing over the summer and vowed to

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Next Steps in our Fight for Union Recognition

As we prepare for more strike action this coming academic year, GWC-UAW will not file an Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) charge regarding Columbia’s refusal to bargain. Rather than accommodate Columbia’s desire to extend what has already been nearly four years

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Columbia declares it will break the law by refusing to bargain with our union

Join us Feb. 1 to protest Columbia’s announcement that it will break the law! In an email sent earlier today to the Columbia community, Provost Coatsworth announced that the University will refuse to bargain with our union. It is an

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Demand for Bargaining

Following our union certification, members of our bargaining committee went to President Bollinger’s office to renew our request to start bargaining immediately. Read our request to bargain here.

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Bargaining Committee Election Results + Protest Against White Supremacy on Monday

We are pleased to present the results of our GWC-UAW Local 2110 Bargaining Committee vacancy election. Thank you to everyone who participated. After the polls closed tonight at 6pm, the ballots were counted. The following candidates received the largest number

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Bargaining Committee Vacancy Election Notice

See below for the official notice of the Bargaining Committee Vacancy Election on October 19.  More information, including candidate statements, can be found on the GWC-UAW Local 2110 website. Angela Woodall (Communications) has been elected by acclamation for the professional/other

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Workers’ Rights Forum is tomorrow! Vacancy Election + General Meeting

Tomorrow’s the big day! JOIN US TOMORROW FOR OUR WORKERS’ RIGHTS FORUM Graduate Workers’ Rights Forum 10AM | September 20 (Wednesday) Broadway Presbyterian Church (114th and Broadway) Lunch will be served after the event. Come hear fellow graduate workers from

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