Graduate workers at Columbia and other private universities across the country have finally won back our union rights thanks to a recent decision from the NLRB.

Teaching assistants and research assistants at Columbia and The New School paved the way for this decision by filing petitions for union certification by the NLRB. Now we have the chance to lead by example again by voting yes so Columbia has a legal obligation to officially recognize Graduate Workers of Columbia-UAW as our union and engage in collective bargaining with us.

If you’re a graduate worker at Columbia University who plans to vote yes for your union in the upcoming election, sign here and tell us why.

In doing so, you will help us at Columbia join tens of thousands of unionized Research and Teaching Assistants across the country and thousands of other unionized employees at Columbia who have come together to improve their lives. Columbia graduate workers make it possible for the university to serve its mission of providing world class education and research.

We urge all eligible research and teaching assistants to VOTE YES for GWC-UAW. Together we can make Columbia better.