We’re ecstatic that the regional director for the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) issued a decision today on our petition to have GWC-UAW as our union! Click here to read the full decision.

While the regional board director has dismissed our petition, in her analysis she makes clear that WE ARE WORKERS and the only reason she is not able to order an election is because she does not have jurisdiction to overturn a 2004 federal NLRB decision, Brown University, that stripped graduate workers of our right to collective bargaining.

We now have two weeks to file a request for review with the NLRB in Washington, DC. We look forward to putting our case in front of the federal board and hope they move quickly in making a decision. Just two weeks ago, the federal board voted 3-1 in favor of reviewing the SENS-UAW case at The New School to determine whether to overturn Brown.

We are optimistic that once the federal board makes a decision it will be in our favor and we continue to call on the Columbia administration to remain neutral, respect our democratic choice to form a union, a choice the majority of us have continually chosen since last Fall.

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