Voting starts tomorrow in our historic NLRB election.

The long road we have traveled to get to this point has involved thousands of conversations, town halls across campus and numerous debates. We are proud of the unprecedented, positive conversation we have established about the important role RAs and TAs play at this great university and hope to continue that conversation through the process of collective bargaining.

Our reasons for voting yes have not changed, and we are excited to take this critical next step toward joining more than 60,000 academic colleagues in the UAW. The administration has unfortunately made great efforts to discredit the UAW in recent days, including misconstruing the union’s advocacy on behalf of international graduate worker rights. But, as international students reminded us today in the Columbia Spectator, we chose the UAW exactly because it has been a strong ally for international RAs and TAs.

We look forward to robust participation in this election and will see you out on campus over the next two days. Voting times and locations are below and on our website.