We are disappointed to report that the University has filed objections with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) attempting to overturn the results of our recent unionization election. As you recall, eligible RAs and TAs voted 1602-623 in favor of unionization, an overwhelmingly clear rejection of the University’s intensive, months-long effort to convince us to vote no.

Given the overwhelming 72 percent mandate in favor of unionization, we had hoped the University would finally respect the democratic process and move forward. Instead, they have chosen to continue devoting resources to paying outside lawyers to put procedural, legal hurdles in our path toward collective bargaining. We hope to know more early next week about how the NLRB plans to proceed on addressing the University’s objections and will keep you updated on next steps and any additional details.

We are, however, optimistic that the NLRB will reject the University’s efforts and uphold the results of our historic election. We will continue to move ahead with Monday’s meeting and other preparations for contract negotiations as planned.