Telling Columbia to Respect our Democratic Choice

Earlier today, a delegation delivered our petition urging the administration to drop their objections and start bargaining for a contract. With more than 2,500 people signed onto our petition, mostly RAs and TAs, but also including faculty, staff, alumni and others, we sent a strong message to Columbia to live up to our shared values. We will continue gathering signatures, so feel free to sign the petition if you have not already done so.

On the inauguration day of a US president that Columbia itself says presents challenges to our democratic values, we especially call on the University to respect today’s strong reiteration of majority support for GWC-UAW and our historic vote. We thank the growing number of supporters and allies who have signed on and helped send a clear message to Columbia that delaying will not weaken our resolve.

The hearing on the objections is scheduled to begin on Monday and we remain confident that the NLRB will agree with us that the election should stand. If you are interested in attending the hearing, it will start at 9:30am at the NLRB offices in Brooklyn,Two Metro Tech Center,100 Myrtle Avenue 5th Floor.

Meeting January 26 on Bargaining Committee Structure

As a reminder, on January 26, at 7pm (room location TBD), we will hold our scheduled meeting, during which we will discuss and decide the make-up of our bargaining committee. This will be another important step forward so that we can hold elections in the near future for our first GWC-UAW bargaining committee. We encourage union supporters to attend. As soon as we have a location confirmed, we will send another email.