Rally Monday 5pm Against Trump’s Assault Against Muslims

President Trump signed an Executive Order yesterday banning the entry into the United States of refugees, immigrants and people on non-immigrant visas (including students and work visas) from seven Muslim-majority countries (Syria, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, Libya), with immediate effect.

This racist assault against Muslims affects millions of immigrants and non-immigrants, including many members of the Columbia community. According to the Executive Order, students, workers and their dependents from these countries (and, it appears, dual-nationals with visas, and green card holders) will have their visas in a potential state of indefinite suspension, and are be unable to re-enter the USA if they leave at any point for research or family visits. They have been left in limbo. Moreover, visa and green card holders have already been reported being denied entry at the border.

Please join us on Low Steps at 5 pm on Monday in huge numbers to show that we stand against such racist discrimination, and ask Columbia’s administration to pledge its support for protecting affected students and workers. We gather for a show of support in this specific case, and in solidarity with all other communities affected by the Presidency’s actions.

Please rsvp on Facebook and share the event with your friends.