This evening we met in Buell Hall on the Morningside Campus. We drafted a statement of solidarity with our TA and RA colleagues at the University of Chicago and their ongoing fight to unionize. They just filed with the NLRB and will have a union election in the fall. We also talked about ways to support our colleagues at Yale, who are on hunger strike over their president’s refusal to recognize their union rights. GWC members who are interested in attending Yale’s graduation events on May 22nd to stand in solidarity with our hunger striking colleagues. Next, we talked about plans for Columbia’s own graduation ceremonies next week. We want to make sure that the administration can see us! Keep an eye out at commencement for GWC-UAW members handing out buttons, flyers, and balloons.

Finally, we started planning organizing activities for this summer. We want to come into Fall 2017 ready to show our strength and solidarity. If you’re around this summer, we hope to see you! Please reach out to us if your department would like to have a town hall, picnic, or conversation with the bargaining committee, or even just have questions about the union.