Following our strike deadline announcement, you can now sign up for picket line shifts to demonstrate during our strike. In order to have a strong, visible picket line, it will be important to spend as close as possible to 20 hours from April 24 to April 30 on the line in lieu of working.


While we remain hopeful that the university administration will agree to start bargaining with our union without us having to go on strike, it’s important we are prepared for the opposite. Research and teaching assistants striking and demonstrating on the picket line are essential for showing the size and support of our strike and convincing the administration to bargain.

Although any peaceful protesters are welcome to join our picket, we are asking grad workers to sign up in advance, when possible, to ensure a substantial presence throughout the strike.

Our main picket line will operate from 11 am to 3 pm Tuesday, April 24, to Monday, April 30 (weekdays only). There will also be other opportunities to participate. Ask your department union representative or email us.

Remember to sign-up for the picket line here.