At the end of February will be one year since we began negotiations with the Columbia administration, and while we have agreed on a few things, we are still very far apart on some key issues, including health benefits and real recourse for harassment, discrimination, and bullying. 

While we would prefer to not have to strike in order to win the contract we deserve, we are ready to once again to demonstrate that our work is essential to this university.

As our open letter to President Bollinger, signed by organizers from across departments, below announces, we are now organizing for a strike authorization vote.

What’s next?

  • Get involved! We need all hands on deck to mobilize for a strong strike authorization vote.
  • Come to our next general body meeting: Tuesday, February 25 @ 6pm. Location to be announced.
  • Stay tuned for updates with more details on the vote and a strike authorization faq.
  • Come to upcoming bargaining sessions:
    • February 14: 9:30am-1pm at Studebaker room 531
    • February 21: 1:30pm-5pm at Lerner Hall room 555
    • February 28: 2:30-6pm at Studebaker room 469
    • March 12: 9:30am-1pm Studebaker room 469
    • March 16: 2:30pm-6pm at Mudd room 524

Please contact us at columbiagradunion@gmail.com with any questions.