The response period to oppose the Trump NLRB’s attack on academic student workers’ union rights ends tomorrow.

Click here to leave a response comment, comments are due by tomorrow, February 28 @ 11:59PM EST.

To respond to a comment, go to the regulations website and click on ‘comment now’ (on the top right), and start off your comment referring the comment’s unique ID number. For example: “In response to comment ID: NLRB-2019-0002-0764” — this unique ID can be found on the top right of every comment.

Suggested Comments to Respond to:

American Council on Education (ID: NLRB-2019-0002-11535), an association of universities (including Columbia) that has opposed our rights as workers for years.

Faculty member against employee relationship (ID: NLRB-2019-0002-0355)

If you don’t like your working conditions, go to another school or take an industry job (ID: NLRB-2019-0002-0744)


Since our historic 2016 Columbia decision reaffirming union rights for graduate workers, more than 20,000 such workers have been eligible to vote in union representation elections with tens of thousands more at various stages of organizing. But now in a desperate move to stifle the unprecedented momentum of the graduate student worker union movement, the Trump National Labor Relations Board has proposed a new rule that could takeaway collective bargaining rights for academic student workers.

It is crucial we speak up and push back against this proposed rule. Leave a comment immediately!