Columbia Workers Fight Back Against Healthcare Cuts

TWU Local 241, the maintenance and custodial employees, urgently need our help to save their healthcare. Please go here to send a quick email (works best using a smartphone) to urge the university’s administration to give frontline workers who have kept the university running during COVID-19 the healthcare they deserve. Their union is currently in contract negotiations and the university is trying to make drastic cuts to their healthcare.

Upcoming Bargaining Dates (Change of Time on Friday)

Our next bargaining sessions are scheduled for:

  • July 17, 1:30-5 PM (please note that this time has changed);

  • July 23, 1:30-5 PM

Please email if you’d like to join the sessions over Zoom.

VICTORY! Thanks to collective action by thousands of academic workers, as well as university and state government allies, ICE rescinded its directive requiring international students to attend classes in person or face deportation. #NoStudentBan #NoDeportations

Congratulations to everyone on this victory! We know many challenges still lie ahead, but we look forward to organizing and continuing our efforts to fight back against attacks on our community. The July 6 ICE directive was one of many policies the Trump administration designed in recent months to scapegoat non-citizens: undocumented students and workers, H-1B holders, certain J-1 visa holders, asylum seekers, Chinese graduate students, and others.

From Los Angeles, to Boston, Seattle, San Francisco, San Diego, Harford, and here in NYC, UAW members in higher education picketed ICE offices, held press conferences with our state attorney generals to file lawsuits, collected stories to file amicus briefs, sent thousand of letters to our elected officials, engaged with our universities to jointly push back and to provide more resources, held an info session with an immigration lawyer with over 3000 attendees, and much more. We must continue to stand united to fight against these attacks!