We want to remind everyone it is important to sign up for the strike fund by tomorrow, Monday, if you have not yet done so! After you have filled out this form, you will receive a second secure form from UAW, which you must also complete in order to receive the $275 per week from the UAW Strike Assistance Fund. This form includes fields for your SSN and bank routing number so that you can be paid by direct deposit. Look out for an email from “MyUAW System <apache@my.uaw.org>.” We encourage all striking workers to sign up for the UAW Strike Assistance Fund.

Note that the UAW Strike Assistance Fund is distinct from our crowdfunded hardship fund, which will be administered by fellow graduate workers on a need-based basis. Information about how to apply for assistance from the hardship fund will be forthcoming later this week.

Pledge to Donate a Portion of Stimulus Checks

Some members of our unit who have received a $1,400 stimulus check as part of US federal coronavirus relief are circulating a pledge to donate a portion of their checks to the hardship fund after March 24, in order to show commitment to the strike in the face of Columbia’s threats and solidarity with fellow workers who may face docked pay and stipend clawbacks from Columbia. The pledge is entirely voluntary and completely anonymous: it only shows the amounts that people have pledged to donate. We also encourage everyone to share and circulate the hardship fund for external donations.