We are writing to remind you of two things:

Applications for the UAW Strike Assistance Fund are due TODAY. Please apply here by the end of the day if you want to receive the first pay of $275 on April 2. Note that the $275 pay for the first week of the strike (March 15-19) will be distributed after the strike is called off.

In order to qualify, workers must spend 10 or more hours a week at the picket line, either virtual or in-person (we encourage workers to join the picket line for 20 hours or more per week). Workers who require an exemption due to time zone differences or other circumstances can apply for an exemption using either of the picket sign-up links (virtual or in-person), or by responding to this email. Both U.S. citizens/residents and international student workers are eligible to apply for and receive the UAW Strike Fund if they have a U.S. social security number.

After you have filled out this form, you will receive a second secure form from UAW, which you must also complete in order to receive the $275 per week from the UAW Strike Assistance Fund. This form includes fields for your SSN and bank routing number so that you can be paid by direct deposit. Look out for an email from “MyUAW System <apache@my.uaw.org>.” We encourage all striking workers to sign up for the UAW Strike Assistance Fund.

Note that the UAW Strike Assistance Fund is distinct from our crowdfunded hardship fund, which will be administered by fellow graduate workers on a need-based basis.

General Body Meetings today and tomorrow

We will update everyone on the status of the poll and the next steps towards our first contract. We hope you can attend either session.

GWC-UAW local 2110 Bargaining Committee