Interim Elections Committee

Nominations are hereby declared open for the GWC-UAW Local 2110 Interim Elections Committee (Three [3] positions): All eligible Union supporters [any Columbia graduate and undergraduate student who is currently employed by the University according to the categories outlined by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) Columbia decision (i.e. graduate and undergraduate Teaching Assistants, Teaching Fellows, Preceptors, Course Assistants, Readers, Graders, Graduate Research Assistants [including those on Training Grants], and All Departmental Research Assistants)] who have signed a GWC-UAW authorization card and work in a jurisdiction with a vacant position are automatically nominated for the GWC-UAW Local 2110 Interim Elections Committee. 

Any eligible Union supporter who wishes to accept the nomination should indicate so in a special general body meeting to be held on Friday May 21st at 11am EST. Members of the unit will vote on candidates for IEC at the general body meeting through secret ballot. Each candidate will be allowed a 3 minutes statement before the vote.  Register for this meeting here

Responsibilities of Interim Election Committee members are on our website and at the bottom of this email. Membership will promptly inform the IEC of any additions to its responsibilities after such responsibilities have been voted on in Organizing Committee and/or Membership Meetings.

Interim Elections Committee Responsibilities & Jurisdictions

-the IEC will be responsible for setting up and managing the election process on the Electionbuddy platform 

-the IEC will work with staff to confirm voter eligibility 

-the IEC will be responsible for troubleshooting logistical problems through an email address to which problems related to voter registration and ballot receipt can be directed. They will be responsible for resolving these problems. 

-the IEC will be responsible for making sure the ballot contains correct information 

-the IEC will run the election in coordination with the Election Committee of Local 2110 

-the IEC will be dissolved immediately following the announcement of the results of the vote 


IEC Rules 

-All information regarding card signers, voters or any other communication with members regarding voting is strictly confidential and must be keep within the IEC 

-IEC members must remain neutral and may not run for election, endorse or campaign for any candidate, slate and platform.

-No IEC member may access the backend of the Electionbuddy platform in the absence of the other two members

-No IEC member may liaise with the Local 2110 Election Committee in the absence of the other two members 

-The IEC will not be permitted to see the results until the election has closed