Drafting of our bylaws continues. Our Process Working Group will be holding two more workshops to welcome input and to put together an updated draft of the bylaws. Join one of our workshops this week:

A draft of the bylaws (comment only) is available at this link. Please read and add any comments or questions you have. You can also email with your comments or if you would like to join the Process Working Group.


One Member One Vote Statement of Support

As members of the Graduate Workers of Columbia-UAW Local 2110, we believe that the principle of One Member, One Vote (1M1V) is essential to union democracy. The organizing committee of GWC thus endorses 1M1V in the upcoming UAW-wide referendum on the direct election of top UAW international officers.

The organizing committee of GWC wants the UAW to be a leader in a strong, fighting labor movement up to the task of organizing in today’s hostile conditions. To achieve this, we must address corruption within UAW and its lack of  accountability to membership and internal democracy. We are encouraged by the actions taken by current leaders to expel individuals who have engaged in corruption and violated the UAW’s stated principles of solidarity and accountability. However, disciplining key individuals is not enough. We need major structural reforms to guarantee that these violations do not occur again. One key step towards reform is the upcoming UAW-wide referendum on 1M1V, which if passed would transfer power from union officials to the rank and file and give members a direct say on institutional changes that affect their organizing and work lives. Moreover, an empowered membership and a reformed, more democratic UAW will be able to rise to the organizing needs of this decade. We must adopt 1M1V and continue to build on the broad reforms the International Executive Board has already implemented and those it has promised to make. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with members and leaders across UAW on implementing a bold, progressive agenda, including

  • Redoubling efforts to organize the unorganized
  • Social justice unionism
  • Strengthening international solidarity
  • Reclaiming the strike and striking to win
  • Diverse union leadership
  • Inclusive, open bargaining

Moreover, as a union of academic workers, we believe that reforms are necessary to ensure that our International leadership is responsive to this growing sector of the UAW’s membership base. Academic workers currently make up approximately 20% of the UAW’s total membership, but are not represented among UAW leadership at the highest levels. This shift requires proper representation. A win for 1M1V also provides academic workers the path to build power and influence within the UAW.

To support the 1M1V campaign, GWC commits to educating members about it. We encourage the amendment of the UAW Constitution to include a fair and inclusive process for direct election of our International Executive Board.


Columbia University Community Statement in Solidarity with Palestine: A Call to End Columbia’s Complicity with Israeli Apartheid

Members of the Columbia community have been signing a statement in solidarity with Palestine. Full text of the statement can be read here. To sign the statement, please fill out this Google Form.