We are holding two important events next week: a workshop for international students and a Q&A session on taxes. After speaking with our co-workers, we found that many of us share the same questions and concerns about the complexities of tax, visa and immigration law. We’ve invited an immigration lawyer and certified public accountant to come and answer our questions.

gwcuaw_visaseminar_draft_DOWNTOWNgwcuaw_visaseminar_draft_UPTOWNWorkshop on International Student Visa and Immigration Issues:
Monday, March 23rd
1-3pm 140 Horace Mann [Teacher’s College/Morningside Campus] RSVP on Facebook
5-7pm Hess Commons [Mailman School of Public Health /Medical Campus] RSVP on Facebook

We will be joined by Christine Brigagliano, a partner at Van Der Hout, Brigagliano, and Nightingale, LLP, a nationally-renowned firm specializing in immigration and nationality law.

Please fill out this survey prior to attending. Your feedback will help make this event more useful.



Taxes Q&A:

Friday, March 27th
1-3pm 140 Horace Mann [Teacher’s College/Morningside Campus] RSVP on Facebook
4-6pm 305 Hammer [Medical Campus] RSVP on Facebook

Certified Public Accountants from Medonca & Partners will be joining us to answer our tax questions.
Please e-mail us at gwcinternational@gmail.com with your questions beforehand for the
CPAs to prepare. Not a requirement to attend.

As a recognized union, GWC-UAW would be able to address international student employees’ concerns about workplace rights through collective bargaining. International graduate employees and postdocs represented by the UAW have won significant gains in compensation, benefits, and workplace rights through collective bargaining and have established a stronger political voice in advocating for the rights of immigrant and guest workers in the US. Even though the union’s representation of RAs and TAs is not with respect to tax or visa processing issues , we are sponsoring these workshops in response to numerous conversations we’ve had with our colleagues about the kind of support they need. The purpose of these events is to provide information that may be useful in addressing visa/immigration issues, and taxes.