We had a short and sweet meeting this week, focusing on report-backs from various subcommittees to launch into our summer mode. We talked through ideas to bring public attention to the administration’s delay tactics and ask the administration to drop their objections and start bargaining with us for a fair contract. To that end, we’re developing an alumni network to demonstrate widespread community support for our campaign.

The STEM campaign is underway, and a subcommittee met to talk through concerns specific to STEM workers. We’ll be organizing in STEM departments all summer; let us know if you’d like to get involved!

We’re also holding two trainings in the coming weeks, to develop leadership within departments and build an even larger base of support. Those trainings will be June 10 at 12 pm and June 15 at 4 pm in Hamilton 302.

Finally, the Communications Committee is developing ideas for a monthly newsletter to make sure everyone stays informed over the summer, so look out for that coming soon as well!