We handed out flyers this week at the Committee on the Future of Voting meeting, after sending them our open letter last week. We also held our first organizer training of the summer, and plan to hold others to develop leadership across departments. A group of us attended the Village Voice Strike Benefit and, separately, met Barbara Smith and Keith Ellison. Next week, we’ll be attending events for Congressman Jerry Nadler and Attorney General Eric Schneiderman – both supporters of GWC – and standing with the adjunct union at UMass Lowell in their rally on Tuesday.

Georgette Fleischer, an adjunct at Barnard who was on the BCF bargaining committee and who has taught at Barnard for 13 years, has had her appointment at Barnard canceled. She’s requested that we write a letter of support to Barnard’s President. We voted to stand in solidarity with the BCF and Georgette Fleischer.

The STEM committee is planning some tailored events for later in the summer—stay tuned!