Georgette Fleischer, of the Barnard Contingent Faculty Union (BCF-UAW), came to speak to us at the start of this week’s meeting, to discuss her recent termination by Barnard after nearly two decades of adjunct employment. The group voted unanimously to approve a letter of support for Georgette to be sent to Barnard’s President, and is proud to stand with the BCF and Local 2110..

A delegation of students in the humanities met with Sarah Cole, who will become Dean of the Humanities in January. Students in the social sciences have a meeting scheduled with Dean Alondra Nelson, and other groups have reached out to their Deans to request meetings.

We also spent a fair bit of this week’s meeting going through the numbers to develop our summer organizing strategy—we’re reaching out to people we haven’t talked to in a while, and trying to reach new people as well!

As planned, we attended the UMass Lowell Rally in support of adjunct faculty negotiating a new contract there and also met AG Eric Schneiderman and Congressman Jerry Nadler at their fundraisers. We’ll be marching with Jerry Nadler in Pride this Sunday!