A group of us marched with Congressman Jerry Nadler in Pride on Sunday! The letter in support of Georgette Fleischer and BCF-UAW was sent on Monday. A group of students in social sciences met with Alondra Nelson. She is stepping down from her post as Dean on Saturday.

Other Dean delegations are still planning their meetings, and students at CUMC are reaching out to supportive faculty in advance of reaching out to their Dean. We’re also reinvigorating our alumni campaign and plan to start by following up with people who have already signed our alumni petition, asking them to share it with their friends to grow this network of support further.

We are planning a series of Workers’ Meals focused around specific issues—the first will be sexual harassment and discrimination, and the rest will be decided on based on organizing conversations with RAs and TAs. In addition the Professional Schools are meeting as a subcommittee to discuss how to raise their concerns together.

The group also discussed reaching out to the Trustees to try to bring Columbia to the Bargaining Table. Speaking of which, the Bargaining Table is back! We’ll be set up around lunchtime starting after July 4 with our trusty Bargaining Table on the steps of Low, just waiting for the administration to come negotiate with us.

We’re also forming a subcommittee for a Workers’ Rights Panel, planning a new organizer training for August, and setting weekly goals to reach out to as many new people as possible.