Earlier this month we saw a disturbing announcement that the Trump administration had revoked over a 1,000 visas of Chinese students and scholars. Academic workers across UAW campuses are joining together calling on our universities to provide the needed support to those affected.

Sign this petition to join our union siblings in demanding that our institutions continue paying and provide support to all affected international students and scholars and create a joint task force for rapid response.

International Student Working Group Orientation Today!

Join us at our two-day orientation for international students on Friday and Saturday, September 25 & 26, 12-2 PM EST over Zoom. On the first day we will go over past and current campaigns of International Students Working Group (ISWG) as well as immigration and tax laws. On the second day we will cover Know Your Rights (labor laws, how to file complaints, and political activity), healthcare and wellness, as well as housing in New York City.

Register here.