Call for testimonials 

You can share your testimonials about the need for additional funding to address the impact of the pandemic on your research and ability to do work here. Your shared stories are an important part of our campaign for additional funding and can serve as testimony at the bargaining table with Columbia or on social media.

Petition for the option of an extra year of funding

The Arts and Sciences Graduate Council recently voted to endorse our petition urging Columbia to offer an option of an extra year of funding for graduate workers in doctoral programs whose ability to do research has been impacted by the pandemic. We are extremely grateful for their support! If you have not yet signed the petition, we encourage you to do so.

In tandem with the option of an extra year of funding, we call on the University to allow student workers across all years to retain access to their current housing and healthcare plan, extend the emergency childcare benefit that was provided over the summer, ensure that M&F fees be waived for those beyond their 5th year, and permit post-MPhil leaves of absence. Student workers also need transparency from the administration as it makes decisions on these issues, as well as clear and consistent communication.

  • Please read the full text of the petition here.
  • Sign here to support these demands.