Yesterday marks the two-year anniversary of when we began bargaining for our first contract with Columbia. Two years is far too long to ask workers to wait for essential protections—and the pandemic has only made it clearer that we can’t wait any longer. We served Columbia notice: agree to a fair contract by March 15 or we will strike.

Hundreds of workers attended rallies in person or online yesterday to let Columbia know that a fair contract is inconceivable without healthcare, real recourse for discrimination and harassment, union shop, union rights for Masters and undergraduate student workers, the option of an additional year of funding for those whose research has been disrupted due to the pandemic, and compensation that reflects the costs of living in New York, whether off-campus or in university housing.

It is in Columbia’s power to avert a strike by agreeing to the fair contract we deserve. It is in our power to win essential protections and a strong first contract.

If you haven’t done so yet, commit to strike for our first contract here!